INDEX OF CRYSTALS - Pierres D'ailleurs

Agate lace

Agate lace soothes and stabilizes emotions. It helps us to communicate our emotions and ideas well, and to understand the importance of our words in the creation of our reality. It helps us to modify our internal dialogue and our language habits so that it is more positive and inspiring. It can be useful to us during negotiations and conflicts in order to promote harmony, calm and clarity in exchanges.


Amazonite is a stone of harmony, both inside and outside of oneself. It helps us communicate our truth, which is deep in our heart. It allows you to get rid of tensions and frustrations, sources of irritability. It also helps us set healthy boundaries and not worry about the opinion or judgment of others. Amazonite is an excellent stone to accompany us during the affirmation of our intentions, amplifying the creative power of our word.

Moss agate

Agate Moss helps us transform unhealthy tendencies and find the will to replace those habits. It supports us in the realization of our dreams and projects by helping us to strengthen our mental vision and to be persevering. It brings peace and stability to the emotional body, which can be very useful for those who experience mood swings. It also helps us to connect with the energy of the earth and the spirits of nature.


Aquamarine is a powerful cleansing agent for the emotional body and is very effective in breaking down communication blockages. It helps us to express our deepest truth, the one that is closest to our heart. She can help us overcome our fear of speaking out, and speak clearly and without anger in difficult situations. Aquamarine is also very calming and calming, and promotes the release of old patterns, relationships, and attachments. It is associated with the divine feminine and the energies of


Amber is a fossilized pine resin. It carries the energy of the sun and the earth combined, making it a stone of choice for supporting, strengthening and comforting the body in the event of illness. It brings warmth and joy to everyday life, as well as a luminous energy that stimulates self-confidence and positivity. By activating the vital force, it supports general health and well-being and can be of great help during convalescence or seasonal depression. It is also a good choice as a stone for energy purification and protection.


Angelite can be a soothing meditation tool that makes it easier to open up to the meditative state and to connect with the guidance of angels and other invisible beings. She helps us communicate in a clear and balanced manner, and is a useful ally when diplomacy is called for. Excellent stone for bone health, it helps us heal ourselves from fractures.


Ametrine helps us connect with divine guidance and then act on it to effectively change our personal reality. It can help us overcome procrastination and attempts to sabotage our own efforts. It helps to develop a strong sense of our own powers and potentials. Ametrine can enhance learning and creative problem solving.


Amethyst promotes spiritual connection. It calms and soothes the nervous system, helping to cope with stress. It can be useful in helping to break free from addictions of all kinds. It is a stone of transformation and transmutation, effective for spiritual protection. It can cleanse our energy field of negative influences and ties. It is ideal for meditation and to have in the house to harmonize and protect a place.


Clear Apophyllite is a powerful stone for activating mental vision, connecting us with guides and angels, and working with spiritual information. It helps us connect with and communicate with our higher selves and souls. Keeping one or more Apophyllite crystals in our environment creates an atmosphere of purity and brings a spiritual presence in our home or workplace.

Auralite 23

Auralite 23

Auralite 23 is a stone from Canada, with the particularity that it is extracted from a deposit containing 23 different minerals. It combines the properties of all these minerals to create a synergy with a great vibratory force. It promotes spiritual evolution and transformation, harmonizing all energy centers and bodies. It stimulates cell regeneration and is a good meditation stone opening the way to other dimensions.


All forms of Calcite are great for clearing blockages and helping us progress beyond patterns of the past. It gently stimulates the element of fire and contributes to the movement of energy through the chakras and meridians. Depending on the color, each type of Calcite is aimed at particular regions of the body and different energy systems.

Blue apatite

In addition to its applications for the exploration of other lives, Blue Apatite can serve as a stone of dreams, accessing the subconscious to induce creative problem solving. It can help us see the big picture in situations so that we don't get stuck in an emotional reaction. Good stone to keep under your pillow for lucid dreams and astral travel.

Green aventurine

Green Aventurine carries the energy of spring, growth, renewal. It helps to cleanse and strengthen the emotional body and to be more present in our experiences. Useful in the event of depression, it makes it possible to rediscover hope and joy in everyday life, promoting optimism and good will. A lucky stone, it is ideal for opening up to change and adventure.

Blue chalcedonye

Stone allied to the work of divine communication, expression and channeling. It helps repair the energy field and seal leaks. Blue chalcedony can calm emotional patterns of fear, panic, or anxiety. It helps prevent or cure vocal strain. Excellent stone for singers or those who work to advise others.


Celestite improves mental vision and intuitive ability and helps attract helping and protective spirits. It brings a feeling of quiet uplifting to the emotional body and helps us feel upbeat and even euphoric. It is ideal as an environmental purifier and a source of gentle positive energies. Celestite can help invigorate artistic creativity as well as support clear ideas and fluid communication.


For those who are serious about working on themselves and are ready to embark on their destiny of service, Charoit is the greatest ally. It can be used to clear and purify the etheric body, eliminating imbalances and dispelling negativity. Chariot helps us overcome our resistance to our sacred path, recognize our destiny of service and manifest it on Earth.


Amber is a fossilized pine resin. It carries the energy of the sun and the earth combined, making it a stone of choice for supporting, strengthening and comforting the body in the event of illness. It brings warmth and joy to everyday life, as well as a luminous energy that stimulates self-confidence and positivity. By activating the vital force, it supports general health and well-being and can be of great help during convalescence or seasonal depression. It is also a good choice as a stone for energy purification and protection.


Stone of the Goddess, she invests the power of feminine energies in both men and women, teaching that true power is always best expressed in kindness. It helps us to feel more confident when we communicate our inner wisdom with others and to free ourselves from stress and fears. Chrysocolla is a precious ally for those who earn their living by talking. Very tuned to the vibrations of the Earth, it can strengthen our relationship with it.


Carnelian is a powerful ally to call on when we need to take big action. It gives the courage to take the leap and dedicate ourselves to a new path in order to manifest our greatest goals and dreams. Stone of vitality, it increases the appetite for life, the creative energy and the will. It helps to bring our presence back into the concrete and to take root in order to take better action in the physical world.


Chrysoprase helps tune into the abundant energy of the Divine and arouses the ability to feel and express love. It helps to understand our interaction with all of creation and to heal feelings of separation and isolation. Excellent stone of prosperity, it is said to be very powerful in attracting love, helping us to prepare our hearts for a new relationship. Chrysoprase promotes connection to the beings of nature and the beauty of the world.

Blue kyanite

Blue Kyanite helps protect the auric field from intrusion, opens psychic channels and activates mind centers, enhancing our ability to download information from higher sources. Blue Kyanite is a stone of relationships, a stone for building bridges of light between the disparate facets of existence, helping to restructure the energies and habits that prevent us from progressing. It can help us restore damaged relationships.


Danburite promotes communion with higher beings and facilitates the transmission of knowledge from these beings during meditation. It is a gentle and powerful aid for the elevation of consciousness to the highest spiritual vibrations. It soothes the emotional body and relieves pain, fear and anger. Excellent anti-stress stone, it confers a feeling of joy and communion with the divine.


Of all the gems, the Emerald is the purest crystalline emanation of the green ray, color of the heart chakra, to which it brings freshness and vitality. It helps us experience true abundance, that which describes our ability to receive in all the experiences of our existence. Stone of prosperity, it dissolves blockages and the feeling of lack and reconnects us to gratitude.


Fluorite can act as a psychic vacuum cleaner, cleaning the atmosphere of confusion, messy thoughts and negativity. It can improve focus and help us think clearly, and then make subtle but important distinctions in the types of energies and people we allow into our world. She can prove to be an important ally for those who must make a series of informed choices to navigate the waters of life.


Garnet helps us to find joy on a physical level, to feel supported in our needs and desires, and to give and receive love. It helps drive away worry about financial affairs by giving us confidence in the infinite abundance of the universe. It is an excellent ally for those who wish to attract or rekindle a relationship of love. Garnet is effective in case of fatigue, helping the body to tune into the revitalizing energy of the Earth.


Howlite carries a gentle, calming energy, helping to calm stress and strong emotions like anger and impatience. It reduces hypersensitivity, promotes discernment and mental calm. It is stabilizing and effective in cases of insomnia. On the physical level, it allows better consolidation of bones, nails and hair.


Hematite is the most effective of all stones for anchoring itself in one's body and in the physical world. It can neutralize the feeling of being in confusion, and helps us to carry energies of a very high frequency while remaining connected to the earth and to our body. Hematite encompasses both female and male polarities, creating a balanced energy that contains opposites throughout. It can help us see the bright side in any difficult situation and gives us strength and courage to move forward in times of adversity.


Sacred stone for Asians, it is considered a tool of choice for attracting abundance in all its forms, including financial abundance. It harmonizes and balances the heart chakra, helping with emotional and physical well-being. It is an excellent stone of harmony and happiness in business and in family relationships. Jade helps us learn to love life and spread kindness to everyone around us. It strengthens the body's vital energy field, which makes it an excellent stone for general health.


L'Iolite offers to take us on the intimate path of our deep Self. It helps us dive into the depths of our subconscious and recover the lost parts of ourselves. It strengthens the energy links between the brain and the heart. The Iolite is excellent for all intuitive inner information practices. It is a good stone of meditation, promoting calm and clarity in the face of adversity.

Mokait jaspere

Mokaïte Jasper helps us maintain an ageless mind and body, by raising the vibration of our physical vehicle. It helps us understand the emotional patterns and behaviors left behind by our ancestors, and it supports us as we eliminate them. It is a great stone to use for parents who are expecting a child, as it can facilitate intuitive communication with the unborn child.

Red jasper

Red Jasper helps improve endurance and stamina. It strengthens the root chakra and strengthens our bond with the Earth. It can lead to good health, balanced emotions and righteous actions. Red Jasper does its job gradually, but the gains it brings about are lasting. It activates creative energy and can help release shame or guilt regarding sexual expression or orientation.

Yellow jasper

Yellow Jasper helps improve endurance and stamina. It strengthens the root chakra and strengthens our bond with the Earth. It can lead to good health, balanced emotions and righteous actions. Red Jasper does its job gradually, but the gains it brings about are lasting. It activates creative energy and can help release shame or guilt regarding sexual expression or orientation.


The beautiful energy of this stone teaches us the value of joy and celebration, opening us to receive love from the Divine source. It soothes stress and supports the nervous system. Powerful healing stone of the emotional body, particularly indicated for those who are closed to live life to the fullest to protect themselves emotionally. The frequency of Kunzite encourages us to free ourselves from fear and move forward with joy and exuberance.


Labradorite awakens in those who wear it the awareness of their innate magical power. It activates the 3rd eye and promotes the mastery of coincidences, that is to say the habit of increasing the number of synchronicities and happy coincidences observed in life. It is a powerful protective stone for empathetic people who tend to absorb the energy around them, helping them to delimit their

Lapis lazuli

A good stone for clairvoyance, Lapis Lazuli awakens the 3rd eye and improves our intuition as well as our ability to receive guidance or information. Very commonly used in ancient Egypt, it still carries the vibration of the inner king (or queen) that is buried deep within us. Lapis lazuli can help to know each other intimately and revive our inner divine nature. It also helps us to discern the truth and to express it in all situations.


The Larimar offers the power of clear communication, along with the strength and emotional stability that allows us to speak from our heart. It opens access to the divine feminine within us and calms the emotional body, thus relieving stress, fear and angry temperaments. The Larimar is a valuable tool during pregnancy, birth and postpartum.


Lepidolite is particularly effective when it comes to calming raw nerves. Stone with a high lithium content, it is useful for balancing the emotional body and calming the mind. Excellent for relieving chronic worry and supporting mental and emotional imbalances. Lepidolite is an excellent stone for sleep disorders.


Even more effective when used in pairs, Magnetite helps the circulation of all our energy systems and balances the different polarities - male and female, physical and spiritual, left and right hemisphere of the brain, etc ... It stimulates blood flow, helping to improve the circulatory system in general. It is a good stone to assist healers and seers because it prevents energy overload as well as exhaustion.


Malachite helps us recognize and use our power constructively and creatively. It is a stone of yang energy, stimulating our ability to act in the world and to create form with our thoughts. Commonly used to restore strength after illness, it supports tissue repair and its high copper content relieves pain and inflammation. Wonderful ally for the liver and digestion.


While Rose Quartz is the great energizer of self-love, Morganite is more in tune with divine love. Indispensable ally of emotional self-healing, it can bring us immediate relief from old sorrows, lightly, as if a burden had been removed. Aligned with angelic energies, Morganite can help us attract our soul mate, bathing us in the abundance and prosperity of love.


Moldavite is a stone formed by the impact of a meteorite that fell in the Czech Republic about 14 million years ago. A very powerful stone, she would have a special role to play in the awakening of humanity which is taking place at this time. Moldavite is a transformative stone, attracting like a magnet the people and situations that we need for our evolutionary progress. It brings to the surface what we most need to admit, honor, integrate or eliminate, so let's be ready to really look in that mirror.

Rainbow Obsidian

Also known as Celestial Eye, Rainbow Obsidian can be used to cleanse the emotional body of lingering trauma patterns. Rainbow Obsidian brings hope, enlightenment, and energy to the most blocked and stagnant areas of the emotional body. It is a wonderful stone to use for relieving depression or mood swings.

Golden obsidiane

The Golden Obsidian helps to claim personal power and use it for the higher good. It can align our will with divine intention and connect us to the power of the Earth for healing purposes. It is ideal for giving us better direction and clarifying our purpose. Excellent stone for those who have committed or been victims of acts of violence and who wish to eliminate traces of it in their energy system.

Snowy obsidian

Also called Snowflake Obsidian, this stone allows us to make the most of a bad situation by inspiring us with new ideas that can improve our condition. It brings courage and perseverance to those who have hardly any more hope. It helps us overcome our perception of being victims and allows us to find the will to improve our reality.

Black obsidian

Black Obsidian helps us recognize where we hold negativity, as well as illuminate and cleanse negative emotional patterns in our aura. It leads us to understand and accept the dark side of our nature so that this aspect can evolve and light up, when we are ready to accept responsibility for our healing. Its protective energy also extends to the mind, illuminating negative mental thoughts and habits.

Iron eye

Iron Eye is actually a combination of Tiger Eye, Red Jasper, and Hematite. When these three minerals arise in a single stone, the feeling of power is palpable. The result is the most dynamic stone of all anchor stones. Iron Eye is very helpful for self-healing, strengthening patterns of health and personal power. It is also an excellent stone of protection.

Eye of tiger

Tiger's Eye is a solar stone of strength, vitality, practicality and physical action. It helps us take active steps to meet our challenges as well as stay calm and centered no matter the situation. When we have to persevere for a long period of time, put in great effort and unravel difficulties, Tiger's Eye can give strength to overcome fatigue.


The Onyx improves stamina and determination, allowing us to complete even difficult and monotonous tasks. It increases our ability to keep our focus, making it a useful tool for anyone whose job requires persistence. Onyx is also a stone of physical strength that helps us contain our energies instead of letting them scatter. It teaches that the most important mastery is self-mastery.


There are several varieties of Opal, each with different properties but having in common to work the emotional sphere, being composed of a high percentage of water.


Chakras: Solar plexus (3rd), Heart (4th) Openness, prosperity, joy

Sun stone

Chakras: Sacral (2nd), Solar Plexus (3rd) Creativity, abundance, benevolence, manifestation


Chakras: Solar plexus (3rd), Heart (4th) Inner peace, union of heart and will, communication with the invisible

Blood stone

Chakra: root (1st) Strength, courage, purification, vitality

Rainbow moon stone

Chakras: 3rd eye (6th), Crown (7th) Intuition, dreams, feminine energy


Chakra: Solar plexus (3rd) Male energy, manifestation, vitality, will, action

Smoky quartź

Chakra: Root (1st) Anchoring, practicality, transmutation of negative energies

Rutilated quartź́

Chakras: All Amplification, expansion of consciousness, acceleration of manifestation

Quartz Shamań́

Chakras: All Mink, dreams, clarity

Clear quartź́

Chakras: All Programmability, amplification, expansion

Rose quartź́

Chakra: Heart (4th) Love, gentleness, release from stress, union with the divine


Chakras: Heart (4th), Solar Plexus (3rd) Emotional healing, recovery of lost memories and forgotten gifts


Chakras: Heart (4th), Root (1st) Discovery and development of hidden talents, compassion, altruism

Ruby Zoisite

Chakras: Root (1st), Heart (4th), 3rd eye (6th) Joy, commitment to life, vital force, increased development


Chakra: Root (1st), Heart (4th) Passion, vital force, enthusiasm, daring


Chakras: 3rd eye (6th), Throat (5th) Consciousness, discipline


Chakras: all Self-healing, regeneration, angelic relationship


Chakras: 3rd eye (6th), Crown (7th) and Beyond (8th and more) Energetic cleansing, recharging, communion with the Higher Self


Chakras: All Relationship with nature, rise of the kundalini


Chakras: All Cleansing and purification, activation of the light body


Chakra: 3rd eye (6th) Access to the subconscious and intuitive gifts, mental strength


Chakras: Heart (4th), Throat (5th), 3rd eye (6th), Crown (7th), Soul Star (8th) Improved spiritual perception, adherence to truth, heart-mind connection </ p >

Blue Topaz

Chakras: Throat (5th), 3rd eye (6th) Improved mind and communication

Imperial Topaze

Chakra: Solar plexus (3rd) Manifestation of intention and desires, will

Black tourmaline

Chakra: Root (1st) Purification, protection, anchoring

Pink tourmaline

Chakra: Heart (4th) Love, emotional healing

Green tourmaline

Chakra: Heart (4th) Strength, vitality, accomplishment, healing


Chakra: Throat (5th) Achievement, communication, spiritual enlargement

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