YONI Egg (Obsidian)

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The word Yoni in Sanskrit signifies a woman’s genitalia. It is also the symbol of feminine energy called Shakti.

The Yoni egg is used to strengthen the pelvic floor as well as aiding in the reconnection of self and ones femininity.
Black Obsidian : Obsidian is known as an intense stone with strong influences. To be used with caution and must be “purified” often by rinsing under running water.
Making the choice between a pierced or non-pierced Yoni egg is a matter of personal preference and comfort. With a pierced Yoni egg, you can attach a small string (we recommend using regular dental floss -non waxed and non flavoured). This allows for easy removal of the Yoni egg. You can also expel the non pierced egg by muscular contraction after use.
Dimension and weight:
Small : 3 cm X 1.8 cm / 15 gr
Medium: 4 cm X 2.3 cm / 30 gr
Large: 4 cm X 3 cm / 45 gr
N.B. Weight, dimensions and colour may vary slightly from the website photo.
Properties : Please consult our crystal index.
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